Tuesday, December 6, 2011

PRODUCT REVIEW - Powdered Whole Milk

I sing the praises of an item so common that it's hardly thought about until there's a real need.  When it comes to cooking and baking, and even general life... this need can show up very often!

I'm talking about powdered milk.  Come back, come back!  Don't leave the room!
I'm not talking about that awful, tasteless skim milk stuff folks tried to pour down your throat back in childhood days.  Tell me one kid who can't spot that crap a mile away!

No...I'm talking about 100% whole milk that's been powdered.  When water is added it comes back to life as the very thing it was originally....whole milk.   Nestle's Nido is a real good example of this product.  I've been using it for years in everything from coffee to cooking and baking with no ill effects.

Actually it helps a great deal when trying to go for a little extra flavor.  For example: mix it with the soaking water from cranberries, raisins or other fruits.  Use this mixture in the recipe when it calls for milk.  The results will be extraordinary.  Great for gravies, too!

Bowl rating:
Five Bowls for fantastic!

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  1. My friend said you have recipes that I can use to cook my medicinal marijuana.
    I read your site and there aren't many recipes at all for this.
    How come? Are you just using the popularity of pot to promote your blog? What a rip off!

  2. Dear Celia F.,
    In a sense your friend is right, but in another your friend misrepresented this blog.
    There are a few entries dedicated to cooking with Medical Cannabis, but the majority of this blog deals with cooking in general.

    However, the methods and techniques described in the entries with MC labels can be applied to make butter or flour and these elements can then be applied to the "regular" recipe entries -
    and your own favorite recipes, too!

    Some day I may have enough time to devote to a separate blog about Medical Cannabis cooking, but right now - especially with the Holiday Cooking Crunch upon us - that dream will stay on the back burner.

    Happy, safe holidays to you and yours!