Wednesday, December 7, 2011

PRODUCT REVIEW - Betty Crocker Gluten Free Cookie Mix

I'll admit it....I've used boxed mixes when necessary. In the case of making gifts for folks with gluten intolerance, I'm not above admitting the need for some "professional help," leastways 'til I get it sorted out.

Betty Crocker's Gluten Free cookie mixes are pretty good.  The dough has a bit of a "sandy" consistency, when compared with your regular, wheat flour dough.  And there's no wonder for this difference!  Betty's kitchen is using things like sorghum flour and rice flour instead of wheat.

You'll need to add ingredients - they specifically call for Gluten Free Vanilla, butter and an egg.  I substituted Gluten Free margarine for the butter and it seemed okay.

There's a difference in flavor, too. Not a horribly bad difference and I was able to adjust the flavor with a few well placed spices.  It's just the flavor was a bit "wimpy" compared to the cookies made with "regular" flour.

The finished cookie's texture is as expected.  Crunchy with a quick break down during chewing. The addition of cinnamon made for a more flavorful cookie.

On the whole, Betty Crocker's Gluten Free Cookie Mix performed well and the recipient was very pleased. So I'll give it a rating of Five Mixing Bowls.   Good job, Betty!

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And don't forget - Enjoy!

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