Sunday, November 13, 2011

Turnip Turn On!

Turnip turn on
Mom had her hands full when we kids were growing up!  Imagine, five kids.  Enough to make a person go on strike....and I'll be the first to admit that my brand of insanity didn't make her job any easier.  Somehow she and Dad managed and in the process taught us how to do the same.

One way of managing was stretching the food dollar.  Mom could make that eagle scream and give change!
She used vegetables a lot to make the main course go further.  One of my favorites of hers was so simple, Steamed Mashed Turnips.  These were a favorite, especially with a little extra melted butter or gravy. 

Like many other kids, some of her brood could be picky. She got us kids to like turnips by saying they were magic....they turned colors as they cooked!

Peeling turnip with knife
 Preparation for this dish is simple.
You have to peel the turnip in order to use it.  Rather than using a veggie peeler, I just have at it with a very sharp knife.  As the photo demonstrates, I chop down the side at a slight angle.  This seems to work pretty good. I don't chop the top off 'til last, but I did chop off the bottom so that it would sit flat on the table.
Steaming turnip

Once peeled, chop the turnips into cubes and put in a steamer.  I prefer steaming to boiling as it retains more of the vegetables' nutrients and flavors.  If you don't have a steamer, that's okay...just don't fill the pan completely with water.  Only fill it to about 1 inch or so.

Turn the flame on high until the water is boiling rapidly, then turn the flame to medium and let steam for about 10 minutes. It's a good idea to stir the turnips once in a while, especially if the pan is full.

The turnips are done when they're soft enough to cut with a spoon.   Once done, remove from heat and place steamed turnip cubes in a warmed bowl.  Add butter to taste.  With a potato masher or hand mixer, work the butter into the turnips until the vegetables are mashed.  Taste.  Add more butter if need be.  That 's it!

Some people add a bit of heavy cream....bacon bits....garlic.   What ever you like, go for it!
Turnips are great as a side dish when made like this....they're a great substitute for potatoes, too!

As always, feel free to share your recipes, thoughts and so on.  Just do so in the comment section.  Use the comment box or check the email icon.


Steamed Mashed Turnips

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