Saturday, November 5, 2011

KITCHEN TOOLS - George Foreman Grill

Isn't it great when something works like it's supposed to?  Such is the case with the George Foreman Grill. Mind you, I have the small version, actually two of them, bought at a garage sale.  They were used when I got them, about six years ago, but they still work like new!

For grilling burgers, hot dogs and sandwiches, the Foreman Grill is a natural!  Heating elements on both lid and base assure even cooking.  One of my grills has a special bun warmer in the lid, and it actually works pretty good.

Foreman Lean Mean Grillin' Machine w/ bun warmer lid
The grill works pretty good on other cuts of meat like chicken breast fillet and sausages. Vegetarians will find it useful for grilling those thick portabello mushrooms, eggplant "steaks"  and other such goodies.

Dripping into the drip pan
No matter what you're grilling, be sure to keep an eye on the drip pan.  It's probably a good idea to have a spare on hand if you're making a lot of things...that way a fresh one can be slid underneath while the old one is being emptied.

Not submersible, the George Foreman Grill' s clean-up is still fairly easy, with its non-stick, raised surfaces.  A warm sponge usually does the trick.

My main complaint about my grill is that it is too small. 

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