Tuesday, November 1, 2011


It's here!  At great long last, one of my favorite times of year is truly upon us!  Autumn has been here for a while, but the autumnal holidays make it truly official! 
Of course in some ways we've had it going on a while...many cities have already sported then shed their arbor plumage, and of course there's been that early snow....
Autumn  by rcw

....but from All Hallows through Thanksgiving's final pie slice and prayer, it's here!
That means time for apples, pumpkins, corn and cider....candy corns and horns of plenty, witches and settlers, ghosts and Spirits; it's here!

Cooking takes on a special purpose as cherished, handed-down recipes sit side-by-side with someone's adventurous creation. Pies, cookies, main courses....veggies, snacks, deserts....beverages.....tangible, sensuous feastings for the moment and for memory. 

My favorite thing to do, always but especially this time of year, is cooking with friends and family.  There's nothing more fun and wonderful than putting on some tunes, getting into the proper frame of mind and cutting loose in the kitchen!

During the second part of November, I'll be writing a lot about cookies, but will also take a moment to share a method of baking turkey that not only insures moisture, but guarantees that the white meat will be every bit as tasty and moist as the dark.  For now, all I can say is to have some brown paper or a paper bag ready.
Oh! Make sure the bag doesn't have any ink on it.

For now here's to frost on the pumpkin, ravens against the moon, stuffing and cranberries....and all the trimmings.  It's Autumn! It's here!

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