Monday, October 10, 2011

Non-Recipe Recipe - Life is more than a cereal

Families and nations are very similar.  From the way each feuds to the way each sometimes finds common ground, one seems to reflect the other.  Such is the nature of things.

"Out of Order" collage by rcw circa 1989

We've come a long way from segregated water fountains, lunch counters, city buses. We've come a long way from being denied jobs or housing because of an Italian or Jewish or Chinese or Japanese name or likeness.  Women have even made strides....although we're still only earning about $.58 on the dollar.

We live in an ironic world. A world in which the bearers of life are treated as second class citizens and murderers are allowed to roam free.  Weird.

But what, you may well ask, does any of this have to do with the price of pasta?  Good question.

To me there's nothing wrong with commerce done right.  Note the "done right" part?  That's important.
Unlike some folk, I believe that it's okay to reward good performance.  I don't believe that poor performance or even downright laziness or insubordination should be rewarded or even tolerated in a professional setting.

I am confused when I hear that poor performing teachers are given tenure.  No wonder our kids can't read!

This continued pattern is costing us, costing us dearly.

"1000 Points of Horror" collage by rcw circa 1989
What's to be done?
Get involved locally.  Even if you don't have kids in school, find out what's going on!  Our future depends on it!
That's a real recipe for change!

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