Saturday, October 15, 2011


Kitchen tools
The other day I caught a glimpse of the movie "Panic Room" and thought, gee...I don't exactly have one of those....I have something better
That "something better" can be summed up in two kitchen.  It may not be equipped with the latest weapons or have sensors and cameras going to every opening, but what it offers in comfort far outweighs the latest techno-security gadgets.  At least in my books anyway.
This world's going to do what it's going to do, regardless of my defenses - or lack thereof.  I refuse to live my life in fear, refuse flatly to allow the misbehavior of a few loons to interfere with my pursuits.
That's not to say I won't stand up for a good cause.  Quite the contrary.  I can be a tiger when necessary.

There is a lot of anger in the streets.  People are occupying city parks, protesting in front of banks and stock exchanges. Some of me thinks I should be out there, like the old days, marching with my peers. But a lot of me is confused.  What am I fighting against?  What am I fighting for?  Those questions don't seem to have answers that are as clearly defined as in the'60s. Remember?  That's when we got our heads and backs beaten for the causes of Civil Rights and ending the "War" in Vietnam.

My "go to" room
I believe in change.  Change is part of life. I know we're a young country and we're bound to go through a number of changes...but I say we need to tread carefully.   We need to learn from our past as well as dream for our future.  We can't give up those unique traits that make us who we are.
We do need to change things...we need a better business ethic. We need to make sure people are investing in our nation instead of just milking it dry.  But we also need to encourage business to do business with and in our country.  That's not gonna happen if we tax 'em to death.  
Everybody is screaming things like "eat the rich."  Okay, then what?  After a while there won't be anybody left but each other.  Will we turn on one another then?  When and where will it end?
These are the thoughts I have at two-thirty in the morning, baking a carrot cake and sipping coffee. Does it matter what I think?  Who knows. But so long as I'm thinking...I'm alive, so there ya go. 

Thanks as always for reading the blog.  Please feel free to share your thoughts, ideas, recipes, pictures and so on.  Enjoy!

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