Sunday, January 1, 2012

Morning After Munchies - Egzactly!

So it's now officially 2012!  You've tripped the light fantastic, painted the town red and rung it in 'til there's no self respecting bell what ain't been rung!

Now here it is, the morning after...or maybe it's noontime by now, but it's still morning to you.
Your mouth feels like an army just trudged through it and your belly is rumbling for something...QUICK!
And to make matters worse, there's a whole house full of overnight guests - intentionally or not - and they feel the same way, too.  Muggy mouths and empty tummies!   Thank goodness for eggs!
French Toast Waffles

Depending on the degree of your hangover, these little ovals can be simple as Over Easy or complex as an Omelet or Fritata, or anything in between.

What I like to do at times like this is something I call French Toast Waffles.  It's French Toast - you know, bread dipped in egg then fried, but rather than using a frying pan I use my ancient waffle iron.  It's quick, easy and is something you can even make ahead then just heat up in the toaster!  Now there's a nifty idea! 
No muss, no fuss....done ahead of time would certainly make that morning after a little less crusty!

On that note, have a Happy New Year and a great breakfast!
And as always, feel free to submit your ideas, memories, recipes and so on.  And don't forget, Enjoy!

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