Friday, November 18, 2011

KITCHEN THOUGHTS - kenamewakehena

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and foodies everywhere are working overtime on creating a wonderful feast.  There are special dishes, courageous creations and even a few daring dabbles that are bound to find their way into the annals of family traditions.

Turduken, deep fried has to wonder about the next craze!  Will the turkey be chocolate dipped? Or perhaps wrapped in pastry and baked?  Or maybe just shot out of a cannon?   Who's to say....?  Food creativity is like that.  But underneath it all, this holiday is about folks getting together and sharing a little quality time.  So in the spirit of Thanksgiving, the following....

....which is Lenape for giving thanks (kenamewakehena) and amen (literally "thank you, you're welcome").

We dedicate the season to this spirit.

This week will be a busy one for all.  More recipes with next blog entry.  Feel free to submit some of your own, too!

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