Sunday, September 11, 2011

September 11....Ten years after

Living isn't always pretty....sometimes it's downright ugly.

It's been ten years since commercial airplanes were turned into instruments of terror and death in New York, Pennsylvania and Washington D.C. Memorials about it are all over the news.....the film clips, the interviews, they're everywhere

I remember waking that morning earlier than usual for some reason...the t.v. was already on, Jack fell asleep to it the night before.  I had just put on my glasses and was getting out of bed when I saw the strangest thing.  Where I was expecting the morning news on our t.v., there was something that looked more like science fiction.

Two towers, one smoldering the other just standing there with a plane flying into it.  I couldn't believe it at first. Thought it was a movie.  But it wasn't.

I dressed quickly and got down to the Patients' Co-op, where I was volunteering at the time.  Others were already waiting to get inside.  Everybody was in shock.  Most were silent...their eyes glued to the large t.v. screen.

Around lunch time I took a walk with a friend to a nearby hill and looked at the San Francisco skyline.  "It could have been us, you know."  my friend said to me.  I had no reply.  We just sat there....looking at the world around us, knowing it would never be the same.

We all remember this day in our own way....some are attending prayer vigils, others are attending protests.  Me? I'm going to spend it here at home, with the people I love....grateful for what we have.

A million prayers for the thousands who lost their lives that the towers, at the Pentagon and in the field in Pennsylvania.  May their families and loved ones find comfort and peace.

Today's recipe is really simple.
Take humans of assorted varieties, add their surroundings  and stir carefully.  Add love in large amounts, continue stirring and adding more and more love.  It'll be done when we stop hating one another.

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