Thursday, September 15, 2011

KITCHEN THOUGHTS - Cooking and "Me Time"

Busy, busy, busy day!  I woke up thinking there's be a few moments to myself then the phone calls started. Then the errands started piling up-you know the kind.....can't be put off, needing immediate attention and there's nobody else who knows how to do it just right.  So much for "me time!"

"Me time..."  I thought back to when there were hours, even days of the stuff. I have reams and reams of paper covered in poetry, prose, songs, artwork, ideas, blueprints.....cassette after cassette of songs and stream-of-consciousness compositions....even rolls and rolls of old film. all stored lovingly in three ring binders and boxes awaiting further attention.   

Present day "me time" happens in what feels like 15 minute chunks during the day, usually in the morning, and the night after every one else is asleep.  Luckily, I'm an insomniac so the night hours work for me. 

The kitchen...THE place for "me time"
Some chores qualify as "me time," cooking for example.  For me, creativity in the kitchen is a real sanity saver! It's a chance to let it all hang out....go a little!

Sometimes it's quiet as church, sometimes rockin' with favorite tunes in the background...this  kitchen is at once meditation and dance hall, laboratory and artist studio. And if it means once in a while I'm found baking something at 3 a.m., so be it.   Don't worry, I'm fine....I'm in the kitchen and breakfast is bound to be something yummy!'

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