Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Kitchen song/rhyme

I offer the following-with explanation afterward.  This is stream of consciousness and has to come out all at once.

Kitchen drawing by rcw
Sometimes in the kitchen 
is the only place to pray
inside the times when
life just gets to me that way,
it's where I go to sort things out
when only pots and pans can hear me shout.

Sometimes in the kitchen
is the only place to cry
inside a shadow
after midnight, wond'rin' why....
It's where each moment needs no tense,
it's where I can regain some common sense.

Sometimes in the kitchen 
is the only place to scream
into my towel
when someone shatters my dream,
it's where this late night gypsy still find hope
it's where I always go to help me cope.


One of those nights....too many thoughts, not enough answers.Jack had been in the hospital the previous two days and....well...the feelings just had to go somewhere.
So I went to the sanctuary....and wrote this.

Recipe for the day?   Breathe in....breathe

Will write more after some rest

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