Friday, July 1, 2011

PRODUCT REVIEW - Suzanne Somers' Skillets

Suzanne Somers' skillets
Lots of celebrities have gotten into the Home Shopping Network biz, touting products that carry their names to the American public.

Diane had an aunt who kept the t.v. station tuned in just about 'round the clock for fear she'd miss t he conversations, descriptions and calls from buyers...of course there's always the possibility that she'd miss seeing something else she really didn't need to purchase.

Suzanne Somers
Of course, Aunt Ester had her own reason. She said it kept her company. Hey...whatever floats your boat!

I don't watch a lot of those things for the simple reason that I have not "extra" around, so wouldn't want to be tempted to covet something I can't afford.   Also, I've always got something going on....watching t.v. isn't foremost on my agenda. However I am grateful that these networks and programs are in existence...otherwise I'd have never inherited some really great cooking tools and gadgets. That's how the Suzanne Somers' skillets came to me...and I am sooooo grateful. 

Suzanne may have played a "dummy" on Three's Company, but she's no dummy in real life.  She's been championing healthy living, exercise and cooking for a number of years and, from what I've been able to experience, offers products with a high standard of quality.

Stainless steel clad copper plate for even heating
The skillets are solidly constructed and well balanced with reliable; each has covered handles and a stainless clad copper plate on the bottom that acts as a heat-spreader. I think they are referred to as Omelet pans online.  After several atrocities passing themselves as skillets came and went through my kitchen, it was quite a hallelujah moment when those two pans crossed my threshold!

Secure handles
The pans are a pleasure to work with and easy to clean.  No matter what I've cooked in them, they come back gleaming.  The even heating prevents scorching..  The handles don't feel like they're going to fall off. The pan feels like it'll last a long, long time.

On a scale of one to five mixing bowls, I rate these at five....meaning the BEST!

Way to go, Ms. Somers!

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