Sunday, July 10, 2011


 Whisk, whisk whisk!   How many eggs, sauces and other things have you whipped into shape through the years?  My first such experience was as a child at home in the kitchen with my mother.

We didn't have any of those fancy-schmancy wire doo-dads like on the cooking shows.  Nope!   We used a plain old table fork, or occasionally one of those hand-cranked egg beaters.  Of course for the really big jobs we just used a mixer.
Standard wire whisk
 My first experience with an actual wire whisk happened in tenth grade Home Economics class. I was immediately taken with how that tool made quick work of fluffing eggs, smoothing sauces and such.  

The construction and concept were so simple, elegant.  I couldn't wait to get one of my own, to try it out at home.

It took a while but I finally got a gift basket of kitchen gadgets at my wedding shower.
I was thrilled.

Although the marriage didn't last, we were both so very young, my fascination for cooking and kitchen gadgets has remained strong.  So when I saw this latest version of the whisk, I had to get one and try it out. 
Ball tipped whisk set

What we're looking at is a set of ball tipped whisks. There are three different lengths to accommodate any task.   These particular ones were ordered online and they arrived were not a disappointment.

Generous handle, balanced feel
 Unlike some other kitchen products I've ordered via the
internet, these felt well built and didn't get all bent out of shape after one use.  The cook in me was pleased about that.  The arthritic in me appreciated the generous handles and balanced feel of each tool.

 They work well on most things...taking on thick sauces with ease.  But I must confess that the old fashioned wire whisk still wins, hands down, in the whisking egg yolks division.  For some reason the ball tipped variety doesn't work as well in that area, leaving thready, transparent bits of egg white and membrane unincorporated in the mixing bowl.

Lumpy sauce needing help
But it did wonders on a stubborn  cheese and cream sauce!  What began as a hopeless, lumpy mess was soon tamed....turned smooth and lumpless under this tool's will.

Lumps?  Gon

Don't overlook the other possible uses for these things - icing drizzling was the first thing that came to my mind.  I have a friend who went to cooking school and they had to take a regular wire whisk and lop the bowed ends off to make an icing drizzler.

No need for cosmetic surgery with the ball tipped whisk!

I'll bet you could come up with several new uses too!  Feel free to send them and they'll be put up in the blog!

Rating Scale for this kitchen tool :

Five bowls!  I love them!

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