Friday, April 22, 2011

KITCHEN THOUGHTS - Sam's On The Life Path

Sam's...great for burgers
I'm sitting here in the kitchen with a cup of tea. 
Didn't do any cooking last a couple of burgers at Sam's - one of our favorite places.
It's just a good, honest burger done over a flaming grill just the way we like it.  Sam's has been around since forever and though it's just a hole in the wall everybody seems to go there.  The famous, infamous, non-famous and wannabes.

Everybody has a life path.  Sometimes we recognize it, sometimes we don't....but it's still there none the less.
Painting in tower at Grand Canyon
I know some people who've known what they wanted to do since birth and others who never seem to "do" anything. What does it mean?

Is one following their path and the other not?  Hmmmmm.  Gee....isn't this a cooking blog? Well, yes...but it's also a life blog - hence the title.  Regardless, there's always a little room for esoteric with the escargot.  Or at least there should be.  Otherwise, what is all this food business, anyway?

Think about it. 
Painting in tower at Grand Canyon
We started out just needing to eat....shoving anything in our mouths that didn't poison us or eat us first. Look at where we are today.   From cave fires to convection ovens in a blip of time.  Just by following our life path. And a lot of that following was stumbling....come to think of it, we're still stumbling about. 

Today is a non-recipe recipe...a four letter word that won't get your mouth washed out with soap.


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